Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Pretty much my worst nightmare

This is pretty much my worst nightmare, and most likely outcome, of my indie game romp.
I've done literally none of the things he did for marketing, at least not yet, and I know Eruptoid won't be nearly as polished as his was at release. I'll probably end up with a failure.

That said, I'm targeting a completely different set of platforms than he was (though the play store has all the same problems as steam does for indies), and I'm going for a more community style marketing.
Anyway, that's why I need everyone's help to support and spread the word about Eruptoid. I plan to start posting links to the beta version of Eruptoid on this blog soon, so that I can get feedback from you, the fans and players. I want to know what works and doesn't work. What you like and don't like, and most of all what I need to do differently to make Eruptoid the best ball rolling game that I can.

Thanks again for following. Talk to you guys next time.